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Headz n Threadz Official Crystalwear - We are pleased to announce the crystlwear products. Our beautiful designed headwear products will provide you with a unique and fashionable cap. Let Headz n Threadz add a little sparkle to your life with our spectacular variety of Swarovski Crystals, available in 56 different dazzling colors. You are sure to be bedazzled by our artistic ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Headz n Threadz can bling anything from headwear to any type of apparel, or even lingerie! So for a one-of-a-kind shine leave it to the Headz n Threadz team to keep you looking like a million bucks!


Swarovski - A brilliant company Pioneers were always way ahead of their time. In their minds they conceived the inconceivable. In their fantasies they created the impossible. When he invented an automatic cutting machine at the end of the 19th Century, Daniel Swarovski opened the door to a world of fantasy. !
The magic word was crystal. A raw material, which even the most ancient cultures ascribed beneficial, valuable, indeed miraculous properties. This fascinating material transformed the world of fashion and beauty into a seductively sparkling universe. It inspired the human race and enriched both art and culture.
Today crystal has become part of the connection between people. A ray of joy, which we would like to share with you.
The Three Graces - Crystal captivates the soul; it brings a touch of magic to the everyday and is the subject of countless dreams. Swarovski's new, unusual brand campaign expresses this perfectly, by bringing the Greek myth of the Three Graces to life and underlining the company's position as a contemporary brand of modern lux.
Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia, the Three Graces, embody the three values that characterise the Swarovski brand – radiance, joy and sparkling abundance
The entrepreneurial activities of the Crystal Components business began with a single crystal jewel. Then - as now - a variety of crystal cuts and colours were developed for designers and manufacturers. Today the basic collection incorporates over one hundred thousand different shapes, colours and sizes. This range is further broadened by the latest crystalline trend components. Headz n Threadz is pleased to provide you with high quality Swarovski® crystal components. Below, you will find more information on Swarovski® crystal components. Please note that all links will open in a popup window.
Swarovski® Crystal Sizes Various measurements are used to classify the jewelry stones.


Lifetime Warranty Guarantee


For those of you that have your own creative flair, you can purchae the crystals along with the applicator from Headz n Threadz, and bling your own thang!

Limited Lifetime Guarantee Precision detail and time is taken to produce these beautiful caps and garments. We understand that sometimes the crystals may fall off. That's why each Crystalwear product comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. For any reason a crystal falls off, please send it back to us or bring it in and we will replace the crystal for you, absolutely free! If you can't make it in, please mail the cap or garment with a $20.00 payment for shipping to:
Headz n Threadz Crystalwear Warranty
1065 Regency Parkway, St Charles, MO 63303

Please attach a note stating which crystals need to be replaced along with your phone number, email address, and shipping address.



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