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Custom Solutions

Want to express your personal style with customized apparel?

Seek custom giveaways engraved with your company logo for your upcoming trade show?

Need custom embroidered workwear for your staff?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a resounding 'yes', we have the perfect solutions for you. Headz n Threads is a favorite MO shopping destination for branded apparel from the likes of Nike, Reebok and New Era, as well as a custom designer for a variety of apparel, name plates, promotional items and plaques to name some. Let us know the medium and we'll do the rest, transforming it into a work of art, a walking billboard, a testimony to your achievements, or just about anything you want to convey.

Understanding the need for custom solutions in the present era

'Personalization' and 'customization' are words that get thrown around a lot. This is justified given that there is a dire need for tailored solutions in today's fast-moving and competitive world. In the apparel industry, custom solutions mean different things to different people. For companies, it means creating lasting reminders of their brand or differentiating their employees with unique, recognizable workwear. For individuals they create associations - with sports teams, drama clubs, charity groups, to name a few - or communicate their persona and/or sense of style.

Over the years, our needs have evolved. The right size you try on has to be exactly that not a centimeter more or less. The colors have to be just right and the cut must flatter body shapes perfectly. In fact industry statistics reveal that returns and frustrations in apparel shopping result from a lack of satisfaction with the fit. With emphasis on visual impact and aesthetics, it is natural that the concept of custom solutions has proliferated dramatically. Headz n Threadz set out with the mission to make high-quality custom apparel and headwear accessible and affordable for individuals, sports clubs and businesses, and expanded to include diverse customization-worthy items like promotional products and recognition items (medals, ribbons and trophies) to the mix.

What custom design options do you have?

Ours is a unique business model. We are a superstore and licensed seller of authentic products from top-name clothing and sports brands. And a custom designer that creates compelling artwork on fabric in line with client specifications. Headz n Threads offers multiple custom design services:

  • Custom embroidery that makes your company and your personal brand look good, while speaking volumes about our workmanship and creativity.
  • Screen printing that uses shimmer, gel and glitter to kick the visual appeal of everything from sweatpants and towels to t-shirts and shorts, a few notches higher.
  • Tackle twill/lettering service to create the desired impact with letters, words and symbols.
  • Crystalwear products that put the bling in your clothing and headwear for a distinctive and dazzling look
  • Custom signage that positions your company/offerings attractively before your target audience and gives brand visibility a big boost
  • Promotional items boasting class, elegance and high recall value that you can proudly give away at trade shows and marketing events.
  • Laser engraving on names, awards and promotional products (single pieces and bulk quantities) to give brand visibility a boost or create a reminder of a special achievement.

Design ideas you'll love

'Exactly what design should I customize my cap, t-shirt or jacket with?' could be a question on your mind. Well, the perfect answers lie with you….but here are some design ideas that you may want to explore. Now that the Presidential elections are closing in on us, how about showing solidarity with your preferred candidate or political party with a suitably customized t-shirt? Or add a dash of style to this year's Christmas celebrations with custom t-shirts imprinted with your family surname or even coat of arms!?

Part of your school's drama club or a star mathlete? Then, how about some cool sweatshirts that proudly display your association? Homemakers would like elegantly embroidered 'his' and 'hers' towels, perhaps? The options are limited only by your imagination…..Get your creative juices flowing and we'll do the rest, providing you with top-notch and striking custom apparel and designs within the promised timeframe!

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